Image Experience Patagonia : a trip to remember

Experience Patagonia : a trip to remember

Patagonia: a place little known to the public, this place contains all the beauties of the entire world. Indeed, the word “expatriation” is quite suitable in this place because everything is different from the everyday.

Its geographical location, at the bottom of the South American continent, between Argentina and Chile, offers a range of landscapes and a breathtaking circuit.

Just as uprooted from your homeland, the word travel also finds its definition. Every day is an opportunity to discover more and take beautiful photos with incomparable funds.

Activities to be performed

For your holidays in this dream location, you have to make the most of it because the time goes by so quickly that the list of activities to be done and places to visit cannot end. However, it is important not to miss the following activities: 

  • Tour accompanied by Patagonia: start your activity with a guide to have at least the strict instructions and useful information. By visiting the spots and other charming places, you can go through Buenos Aires to experience other experiences. 
  • Visit animals: rich in varied wildlife such as whales, penguins, penguins or sea lions, Patagonia offers a trip to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific. Whales and penguins who play on every corner, perceive this moment closely is simply inexplicable. The Strait of Magellan has multitudes of magnificent birds. 
  • Visit national parks: their parks have been preserved for a long time, with its unprecedented wealth, the Torres del Paine Park on the Chilean side is absolutely worth visiting. To see the Puma up close, you can travel a few kilometers in Argentina. Every corner offers strong and unforgettable emotions.

Ushuaia: the Antarctic city of the whole world

The capital of Tierra del Fuego is a real wealth without taking its beauty into account. Indeed, it is the "gateway" to Antarctica and a starting point for all visits. It is imperative to walk the streets of the city to admire the cultures of the population.

There are many restaurants and bars for tea breaks or family dinners. Moreover, before going directly to this place of enchantment, do not forget to visit the area of Puerto Natales and enjoy the views of El Calafate. Embark on a voyage aboard the ship Ventus through the Beagle Channel, the Strait of Magellan and the icy waters, the landscapes are endless.

A trip not to be missed

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