Image Chile's Patagonia, glacial fjords and tropical forest

Chile's Patagonia, glacial fjords and tropical forest

Chile's Patagonia, glacial fjords and tropical forest

Chile's Patagonia, known as Chilean Patagonia inspires thousands of holidays from almost all over the world. This is a perfect region for adventure for everyone who wishes to see incredible creatures.

Apart from the many beautiful natural attractions that cover the land, glacial fjords and tropical forests are considered as the main attractive spots that you should discover in Chile's Patagonia. Take a look at the following passages to learn more about the place.

Chile's Patagonia, places to visit

Visiting Chile's Patagonia fjords means that you want to take a very adventurous tour in South America. Characterized by glaciated inlets situated in the southernmost of the world, Chilean fjords present a very spectacular scenery. Waterfalls, glaciers, volcanos are the main elements that build the beauty of this harsh and mesmerizing stretch. Besides, Chilean fjords are also a perfect destination to discover a splendid array of wildlife. The natural area is rich in fantastic creatures that complete the adventure of your tour.

Among the most common animals that you can find in Chilean fjords are elephant seals, whales, cormorants and a herd of penguins. Most of the glaciers are accessible in Chilean fjords.

Million cruisers come to this breathtaking landscapes to take a boat tour along the sea and the stunning blue glaciers. You had better spend at list five days in between September and April to better explore Chilean fjords. 

Tropical forests in Chile's Patagonia are not common in the world. They are rare and have a very important ecoregion that you cannot see in other kinds of landscapes. Valdivian is the most important tropical forest that completes the visit to Chilean Patagonia.

The tropical forest of Chile's Patagonia it is considered as the second largest in the world. This is a temperate forest that covers 95,800 square miles in the South America, in Chile and extending to Argentina. The rainforest is famous for its endemic plants, high rise trees and many other unusual animals.

Almost half of the plant species in Valdivian temperate forests cannot be found in other parts of the region. Also known as Selva Valdiavana, the forest is home to a wide range of fauna and flora that is hidden in the Southernmost of the globe. The Valdivian ecoregion is mainly divided in four types of forests.

These include deciduous forests, Northern Patagonia forests, Valdivian laurel-leaved forests and Patagonian Andean forests. Many kinds of animal species inhabit in this large temperate area and some of them are endangered thanks to the massive exploitation.

Among the most important of Valdivian forests' animals are monito del monte, pudĂș, wild boars, maqui, copihue, wild cats and the smallest deer of the world.

Exploring the best of Chile's Patagonia

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