Image Argentina's Patagonia, arid steppes and desert

Argentina's Patagonia, arid steppes and desert

Argentina's Patagonia, arid steppes and desert

Patagonia is a very large region with a small number of inhabitants covering almost half of Argentina's land. The region is mainly characterized by cool and dry climate.

Tourism plays a very important role in Patagonia's economy thanks to great number cruiser passengers, adventurers, upmarket visitors and many other holiday makers who come to the region.

The steppes and the desert are among the best attractions that develop Patagonia's tourism. Desert is mostly characterized by steppes.

Arid steppes of Patagonia

Steppe covers most of Patagonia's area. The steppe has a unique climate and amazing topography where unusual plants and animals spend their lifetime.

It is really interesting for adventure lovers because it allows to discover and experience a variety of amazing things. 

  • Climate and topography of Patagonia steppes: Steppe lands are mainly characterized by a cool and dry climate. It snows during the winter and presents frosts almost throughout the year. The spring and the summer are generally described by strong westerly winds. All this determines the impressive view of the lands. Large plain, hills, canyons, grasses, sandy and rocky soil and a range of plateaus are the main elements that form the topography of Patagonia steppes. 
  • Fauna and flora of Patagonia steppes: In the case of plants, the arid steppes of Patagonia do not have much to offer. However the vegetation has a unique and amazing scenery that differs it from other landscapes. The vast land is mainly covered by grasses, low shrubs and thorny plants. Many wild animals inhabit in Patagonia steppes. These include mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Among the commonest animals that you can find are guanaco, Hairy-armadillo, Pampas cat, lesser rhea, canastero, and lizards.

Desert of Patagonia

Situated in the Southern portion of Argentina, Patagonia desert is one of the must-visit lands in Argentina. Apart from the large steppe lands that cover a vast part of the desert, Patagonia dessert also combines a variety of impressive things that make it a good destination for adventure.

It is a long winter desert with a temperature that rarely exceeds 12° C. The summer time lasts only 5 months during which the temperature is warmer. The vast area encompasses rocks, large valleys, hills, low-height mountains and sand dunes.

Shrubs, tuft grasses and other desert plants can also be found along the dessert. Because of the harsh environment, most of the animal species live in the outskirts of the desert where they feed and stay safer.

Among the commonest animals that you can find in Patagonia dessert are foxes, ferrets, mountain cats, armadillo, pumas and skunks.

Discovering the steppes and desert

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